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DSC_0322Migrations, great expectations and a little bad company.

This is the Colorado High Plains, where pistols were cocked, arrows knocked, railroads linked and deep family roots put down—and where families of pioneers still live and work. This is the land where “mosey” and “skedaddle” were invented, where “a country mile” makes sense, and “fat of the land” means something healthy and valuable.

Cattle barons, rustlers, dreamers, leaders.

This is the country of America’s greatest cattle drives—and the stomping grounds of sheep and cattle barons, farmers and desperate rustlers. It’s where the country’s first transcontinental railroad truly linked together at Comanche Crossing, in Strasburg—without that steamboat shuttle across the Missouri River. It’s a region that has welcomed a mighty mix of characters, those sporting silver spurs on bison boots stepping off a private rail car alongside the dusted-over hopefuls toting their dreams in a sack.

Never been a walk in the park.

The east-west link of the U.S.A. has always been through the high plains. And for good reason. It’s the middle of everywhere. This is where the country’s feverish manifest destiny spiked against native Indian tribes who’d owned the plains for generations. It’s where the west was opened to the many thousands of migrants who came to work the railroads and head to the gold mines. It’s where strong settlers who labored to ranch and farm the short grass prairie faced plagues and the dust-bowl. And the strong survived and flourish today.

So close to the city and so far into the past.

The eastern high plains fueled and peopled Denver, which is just yonder a piece. It’s where history, the future, and the right now mix together. It’s pure prairie, a little bit of haywire, and real life fun. Get your drifter on and let’s ride!

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Mountaintop Minerals
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