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From the Lab of Kairi Frame
Posted on September 20, 2017 by

We have so many exciting vendors participating in this weekend’s Fall Farm Festival, including Caramel Apple Farm from Bennett!


Caramel Apple Farm is a goat farm located just east of Aurora; they love their goats and enjoy having open farm days throughout the year.  They use goat’s milk to make hand crafted soaps, lotions, laundry soap and many other products. From Denise, one of the owner/operators of Caramel Apple Farm:

When we started up our farm back in 2008, many names were placed on the table for consideration.  My husband, the creative one, wanted to name it Hopkins Ranch.  My son, didn’t care what it was called as long as he could go back to his video games.  This was a mission for me!  A call for greatness!  A name that surpassed all names. I took on the challenge.  Many months went by with many ideas until finally our name showed up!  It showed up on a sign in California on our Legoland vacation.  Along with an arrow to exit the highway, there it was…..Caramel Apple Mountain.  I saw that and I still believe angels began to sing in the car.  I said to my husband, if I was to live on a mountain, I would want it to be Caramel Apple Mountain.  But I live on a farm, what better name than Caramel Apple Farm!  And so it started.  Cheers filled the car!  Actually my husband and son both said lets just do Hopkins Ranch.  I took that as full speed ahead! Come visit us at May Farms.  We love to meet new friends.  Life really is a little sweeter here, thanks to the Lord.”

Caramel Apple Farm Stand

Hosted by May Farms, the Fall Farm Festival will be a great two-day event complete with farm fresh foods, handmade products, tasty jams, pastries, and pickled foods, and animals! There will be barrel rides for the kiddos, sun viewing through a solar telescope, face painting, and so much more. And don’t forget to check out Caramel Apple Farm on Facebook, too!

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Posted on May 20, 2017 by

Our annual Spring Farm Festival is only 7 days away, and we’d love to introduce you to our participating vendors over the next week!

Caramel Apple Farm is a dairy goat farm located in Bennett, CO, and is also the host of our Spring Farm Festival! Founded in 2008, the farm started with a young boy and his dream to have goats; now, the farm is home to more than 20 Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha goats. From these goats, Caramel Apple Farm handcrafts a variety of products, including lotions, soaps, and lip balm. Founder Denise Hopkins also offers soap making classes! 

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