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Visit with Hog Haven Farm

Visit with Hog Haven Farm

In only 2 days, you’ll be able to swing by our annual Fall Farm Festival! Meet exciting vendors and a variety of animals during our event, including the folks at Hog Haven Farm.


Based in Deer Trail, Hog Haven Farm is a 501C3 nonprofit dedicated to all things pig; founders Erin and Andrew Burgardt rescue primarily potbellied “mini” pigs from situations of abandonment, abuse, neglect, and from slaughter. They currently have a herd count of 78, with 6 different breeds of pig, and 7 commercial breeds of pigs. Hog Haven Farm also offers educational programming, fundraising events, and a therapy program for the elderly. Swing by their booth to meet therapy pig Katniss Eversqueal, check out merchandise and apparel, and make a donation to their cause!


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